Don't think cross-cultural conflict is an issue? Adobe does.

When one of the world's largest creative and marketing solution companies finds a business case to include "multi-cultural quarreling" as a category of stock photos, you know it's a wide spread phenomenon. To some these images might seem hilarious. To a manager of a culturally diverse team, they represent a day-to-day nightmare.

After all, one study indicates that international assignments in developed countries have a failure rate between 20% and 40%.

These failures cost: in lost wages, relocation expenditures, and project delays or cancellations. It all adds up. In 2014, the U.S. alone is estimated to have lost over $2 billion in failed expatriated assignments.

Are you ignoring the obvious hoping it will blow over rather than blow up? If so, reach out to us at EncounterCultures to discuss your unique cultural challenges before its too late.

#crossculturalconflict #multiculturalquarreling

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