Multicultural Resource Center Opens at UNLV

America has always been a land of immigrants and of multiple cultures and ethnicities. During its history, successive immigrant populations have struggled with how to blend their cultural values and traditions with America's European, Christian ones. For much of its short history, it used a "melting pot" approach in which new immigrants were expected to assimilate the European based-cultural norms. As the website CRG@CPG notes in the blog post America: Melting Pot or Tossed Salad, "Immigrants play a balancing game. They struggle with figuring out what parts of their culture to keep and which should be discarded in favor of assimilating with American practices."

This struggle carries over into their academic lives and business careers. Universities and colleges, much like leading businesses, recognize that their success depends on their institutions ability to accommodate a multiplicity of cultures, ethnicities, and populations. To meet these outstanding needs, the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) supported a student-created multicultural center, The Intersection.

UNLV has also gone one step further and is offering its faculty a course on how to integrate cultural competence into their instructions.

I'm impressed with UNLV's comprehensive, multicultural approach. It is both

  • addressing the needs of participants (immigrants, people of color, minority populations, ex-patriots) in the dominant cultural, and

  • educating members of the dominate culture of the needs and challenges of those from other cultures and populations

Often business, governmental, and academic institutions advocate for cultural training for newly arrived immigrants or people from outside the dominant culture. However, those same institutions fail to provide the same level of support and training to their staffs on how to better serve America's diverse population of clients, citizens, and students.

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