Multicultural Millennials and Media

The Generation-Information Gap

Part of working with any group of people is understanding where they’re coming from. In the not-so-distance past, that meant knowing their cultural origins: country, region, race, ethnicity, and religion. Now, in the digital age, it also means knowing their media consumption. Why? Because how they consume information and learn about the world colors their perception of it. As a manager or a co-worker, you don’t need to have the same media diet, but you need to be aware of it. This media diet influences how they see the world and it creates the context in which they make decisions.

Adweek published an article that features Buzz Marketing Group’s survey results in an infographic about media consumption, tech usage, and shopping trends among multicultural millennials. The post focuses on brand loyalty, but it also identifies the media outlets and technologies that multicultural millenials use. These media outlets and technologies create their digital cultural context, which includes not only what type of information they consume but defines how they consume it. The top and bottom of the infographic is relevant to anyone who interacts with millenials. The middle portion is reserved for those dealing in luxury brands and/or celebrity promotions.

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