The goal of Intercultural Training is to increase cultural competence*, gain local knowledge, and develop success strategies.

Cultural Competence:  The combination of cultural self-awareness, global awareness, the ability to form trust-relationships, and the ability to accept ambiguity, and  manage complexity.

Intercultural Training

Programs comprise all or some of the following units, depending on needs:

Solve communication challenges by mastering verbal and non-verbal , direct and indirect, high and low context styles

Familiarization with local business ethics, eiquette, norms, building trusting relationships, norms and expectations

Comparison of personal value orientation to country averages to identify "culture gaps"

Gain knowledge of daily living realities from a local or expert expat

Strategies to cope with Adaptation Stress (Culture Shock)

Raising Transcultural kids and International Parenting

Study a profile of successful cultural adjustment

Facing the challenges of the single expatriate

The Adjustment Cycle - Dealing with Culture Shock

Intercultural Coaching

4 and 8 week Intercultural Coaching Programs - in person, or virtually.

Increased ability to tackle issues relating to business and social success

Strategies for working in and managing Global Teams

Intercultural Webinars

Half, One and Two day programs - delivered Virtually.

"Welcome to the USA" post-arrival Webinar

"Assignment Pre-Departure Program"

For:  Assignee and Spouse

The Single Expatriate

Older Teen Program

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