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Here you will find links to websites that will be useful to you if you are a current expat or think you'll become one.

Istanbul, Turkey

Destination: Overseas


FIGT - Families in Global Transition is an organization started in 1998 that provides information and support to families.  You can, if you wish, become a member of FIGT.  You can attend their annual conference (2018 in the Netherlands).  Or you can just browse their site, and find links to videos, books, and information that I'm sure you'll enjoy and learn from.



A website; a tool; an app - amazing!  I love the Culture Wizard, and heartily recommend it to all my clients.  There are great blogs, on topics ranging from:  How to prepare your teen for a Global Assignment to one on Why Uber failed in China.  There's background and cultural information on 135 countries;  there are tutorials, and a Culture Calculator that provides you with your personal cultural profile, and then uses it to compare your profile to others all over the world according to 8 cultural dimensions.  



Lots of advice for women on the move.


Free to join.  The forums are good for soliciting advice.


If you're the kind of person that gets to know a country through its facts, figures and stats, the CIA Worldbook has you covered.  I love the population pyramids - a very interesting way to check out the "state of play" in the country, as well as see some of the population challenges ahead for the upcoming generation. 

Destination: USA / Houston


Now active in many countries, this is a group you join, and immediately you have a social network.  They are often very active, with weekly gatherings for drinks and socializing.  A wonderful way to meet fellow expats (and those that enjoy expats).



International connections of Houston incorporates expats and repats:  those who are from somewhere else, and those returning to Houston from somewhere else (In other words, Americans).  This is a predominantly women's group that has a general meeting once a month with lots of time to socialize, and then listen to a speaker. And they also have lots of activity groups which meet at least once a week, where you can play tennis or golf, or walk;  go to the movies;  learn how to cook exotic dishes; play bridge, etc, etc.  There are also weekend outings and dinner parties that partners can attend as well.  It's such a warm, welcoming group.  A great place to make friends, learn something new, continue a hobby, and get information if you need it.



If you have a hobby that you like to do with others, or if you have an interest and would like to involve others, then Meetups are for you.  Almost any interest you have will have a group here that's already doing it, and will let you join in - usually with no fees.  You can start your own Meetup, if you don't find what you are looking for, and advertise it and find people to join.  Definitely worth checking out - especially when moving to the USA.   It can be very difficult to make friends here (the easiest way seems to be to join a Church), so a great strategy is to think about what you like doing and then join others with similar tastes.


If you are new to Houston, enjoy getting to know your new city like a tourist.  Take a advantage of museum passes, try local foods, see the shows and attractions, head to the beach.  The more you know it, the more you'll love it.  I promise!  Houston is no beauty, but it is friendly, and there's always a big choice of things to do other than stay home and relax!

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