Multi-cultural teams introduce challenges into the already fraught world of work. In a culturally homogeneous environment, different types of egos, behavioral styles, and modes of interaction make teamwork complex if not outright contentious. When you introduce multipl...


Harvard Business Review and INSEAD's Erin Meyer created a video on how attitudes on authority and decision making influence the decision making process in cultures around the world.

Meyer identifies four basic leadership styles. For each, she spells out the role o...

November 21, 2017

When one of the world's largest creative and marketing solution companies finds a business case to include "multi-cultural quarreling" as a category of stock photos, you know it's a wide spread phenomenon. To some these images might seem hilarious. To a manager of a cu...

June 20, 2017

Just f*ck it: Wildly offensive English Language t-shirts are apparently all the rage in Asia

Warning:  clicking on the link above  might cause offense.

What are your thoughts when you read this?  

I was thinking:  I hope whoever makes these garments has no idea what...

June 7, 2017

During a recent cross-cultural training session for an American going on assignment to Singapore, I heard the following anecdote.  I thought I'd share it with you because it illustrates how something so seemingly trivial in one culture can be so important in another cu...

May 24, 2017

This article in the Guardian, Small town in America's Deep South welcomes 1,500 refugees a year  is about a remarkable small town of 13,000 called Clarkston, Georgia, (USA),  where, over a period of 25 years, more than 40,000 refugees from Vietnam, Liberia, Sudan, Soma...

May 24, 2017

Often, an International Assignment is something that has been a possibility for a long time.  When the offer arrives, it's important to do a few "calculations" to ensure that this is really the right offer at the right time - for you and for those transferring with you...

May 24, 2017

 Who doesn't love a puppy? Besides, people allergic to dogs?  Actually, a lot of people based on their culture of origin.

I've recently been working with nationals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and have found that puppy-love, in the literal sense, can be c...

May 24, 2017

America has always been a land of immigrants and of multiple cultures and ethnicities. During its history, successive immigrant populations have struggled with how to blend their cultural values and traditions with America's European, Christian ones. For much of its sh...

May 5, 2017

The Generation-Information Gap

Part of working with any group of people is understanding where they’re coming from. In the not-so-distance past, that meant knowing their cultural origins: country, region, race, ethnicity, and religion. Now, in the digital age, it also m...

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Why Gold isnt' good enough. Multicultural Teams and the Platinum Rule

January 4, 2018

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