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At Encounters Cultures, we are committed to ensuring that our clients are prepared for the cultural challenges and opportunities they will face, working in any region in the world.​  


We provide the following programs:


1 and 2 Day Intercultural Training Programs for assignees to the USA and worldwide destinations


Weekly Coaching Sessions for International Assignees


Training and Workshops for Global Teams


Consulting on Corporate Culture Change and Implementation 


Destination Services for Assignees to Houston


Our Services

Destination Services

Efficient, friendly, and helpful assistance navigating a new culture gives a personal advantage.

From a pre-arrival needs assessment to a familiarization tour and orientation, we ease the transition to the new culture. From help acquiring a residence and transportation, to connecting you to your new community's schools, financial institutions, social networks and local government offices, we help you re-establish your life.  


 Cultural Coaching / Consulting

Because global executives and business leaders need cultural advantage

One-on-one, ongoing coaching sessions keep learning and improving skills for business success front and center.  

Intercultural Communication 

Cultural Awareness gives you a great business advantage

Intercultural Training can save time and money through faster and more productive adjustments to a new work culture.  Increased awareness of cultural differences and preferences when it comes to communication style, management style, decision making, negotiation strategies, etc, paired with increased local knowledge and understanding, builds better intra-and inter-business relationships, accelerates success and mitigates costly risks and cultural


A 3-year assignment in Oman was an exciting but daunting prospect.  The Cultural training my husband and I had with Sophie made an invaluable difference in many ways. We learned so much important information about the country, its people, their values and expectations of us. The program for our three children added to their knowledge and gave them realistic expectations of how it would be."


Sophie provided myself and family with Destination Services when we moved to Houston from England.  We were able to get our social security numbers, driving licenses, enroll children in school, find doctors, etc, etc in an organized and time-efficient way.  She found us a great realtor, and helped us settle into our new home. ”

"I thought I knew all I needed to know about American life and culture, having worked with Americans in the Middle East and Asia.  The two days of Cultural Training with Sophie showed me just how wrong I was.  I gained valuable tools and strategies that were pivotal to my success."  


Because leading global corporations understand that cultural literacy is critical to their success, they choose Encounter Cultures. These are just a few of our satisfied clients.

Sophie Simons

Intercultural Trainer, Owner

20+ years as an intercultural communication specialist, consultant, coach, and trainer for executives, managers, and individual contributors

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